The Two Houses of Israel


Scattered among the Gentiles are untold numbers of descendants of the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel who are discovering their identity and their kinship to the Jewish people. Elohim is calling them out of Babylon, and into His Kingdom.

This teaching is about your identity. I found this teaching on the internet (more information about where, below), and was astounded by the truth locked up in it. I immediately started thinking about the implications of this truth, and realised that this truth changes EVERYTHING.

Here are links to the teachings, as I first saw them:

  • First, I saw it on Youtube, by a ministry called Passion for Truth Ministries.
  • After this, I saw a similar teaching on the Psalm 119 Ministries website
  • I also found a number of blog articles on this site, which also teaches the two houses of Israel. Short and very informative.

After I saw the teachings on these sites, they literally started popping up all over the internet. They go into great detail, and are where my original power point slides comes from.

Links to the power point slides:

  • Two Houses PPT – Short and sweet, to the point – presented in about 60-70 minutes. (updated 15 Feb 2013)
  • Identity Crisis PPT – The original, before I cut out a whole bunch of stuff – this contains a LOT more information, and scripture, but would’ve taken about 3 hours to present – way too long for a night’s class.

Here is a PDF version of the two houses teaching (the shorter of the two):
Two houses: Israel – The Two Houses (PDF)

The video near the end of the teaching can be found here:


  • One God (YaHuWaH – YHWH)
  • One Mediator/Messiah (Yeshua)
  • One Body
  • One Nation
  • One Law
  • One Faith


Update history:

  • 15 Feb 2013 – Updated two houses to make use of new translation (ISR98) and changed God and Jesus for Elohim, El, Father, and Yeshua.
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