Contradictions in scripture, and sinning


Contradictions in scripture, and sinning

One of the things that I’ve been busy with, is writing a new “gap teaching”, bridging the gap between the two houses teaching and the Covenant (Torah) teaching. I felt that the jump was too big, and that many were lost going from one to two.

So, this is the new teaching. It’s supposed to be a quick, half hour teaching, that asks some difficult to answer questions, and handles contradictions in the Bible. Contrary to what many believe, there are no contradictions in scripture. That doesn’t mean that I can answer, or explain every contradiction. I’m not YHWH. If there is a contradiction, or something that looks like a contradiction, it must be explained. We cannot live with these things in our Bibles, as a contradiction usually means someone is lying. And in the case of scripture, its usually Father on the one side, and His perfect Word on the other side, so no matter who is lying, it ends up to be Father YHWH.

The biggest question then becomes, if Father lies about one thing, how can we trust anything else He says or promises? How can we trust in life everlasting, which is the ultimate promise, a promise of resurrection and eternal life, if He lies about other smaller things. This is the conundrum with contradictions, and thats why there cannot be any in scripture.

Watch this teaching to gain a bit more perspective on this, and other things. I aim to at some point release a video as well, where I present this teaching for everyone’s viewing pleasure.

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