Spectacular! The Names of Elohim!

Wow! I am blown away! This is so spectacular. Definitely worth watching. Enjoy!


May we be able to stand in the face of death


I’ve often thought about how our lives would be different if we were oppressed. For the most part, we are not oppressed by the world. We live lives that are relatively free of conflict with those who do not believe the way we do. At least, I do (though I know I have found favour in the eyes of YHWH in this area).

The problem with this is that, and I’ve thought of this frequently over the past months as I watch videos of Christians being slaughtered for their faith by muslims in the middle east, I am sure that we are much more lukewarm than we would like to be.

While I do agree that we are fortunate that we live in a country where there is, for the most part, religious freedom, I do also agree that this costs us dearly in our relationship with our Messiah, and Father YHWH.

For the most part, the majority of the times when I am “persecuted” or “oppressed”, it is because of lost friends and family due to your beliefs or, if you’re fortunate, they ignore the topic all together, and nobody sees the elephant in the room. While this certainly has a cost on our lives, especially where it comes to having support and fellowship in this very difficult journey, it doesn’t cost us nearly as much as those who pay with their lives for believing in Yeshua.

So, with this in mind, allow me to offer up a prayer from my heart, which I hope you will be able to pray with:

Father, allow us to see the favour that you have bestowed upon us in that we live in largely free countries with little to no persecution for Your Name’s sake. Allow us to see that this is both a good and a bad thing, and allow us to understand that this costs us in our relationship with You. Give us the favour to continue living lives free of persecution, but to step up our game when it comes to living a life worthy of Your Name. And, if it is your will that we be persecuted in the most severe ways, grant us the strength to endure and to stand fast until the end, no matter what the cost. I pray this in the mighty Name of Yeshua HaMashiach. Amen.

I pray that this video touches your heart, in the same way that it touched mine. May we be strong in the face of adversity. May we stand when others fall. May we endure to the end, and receive our prize.


Rico Cortes on whether we need a reason to obey Elohim


This is a short by Paul Nison to Rico Cortes about whether we need a reason to obey Elohim. Some VERY profound statements made.

Does the church teach that Jesus is a false Messiah?


Does the church teach that Jesus is a false messiah? Most of them do, unfortunately.

Words fail me. Truth by I’llBeHonest.


Words escape me. When will people realise that it’s all about sin, and living a set-apart life in front of our Elohim! Why would you not wake up!? My heart bleeds for you, if you live a life that looks just like the world!

Fall on your face, and cry out to Abba and REPENT, brothers and sisters! REPENT, REPENT!

Because Elohim said so, not Paul

Quite a different way of looking at this debacle.

Does Elohim really care about our hearts? The most shocking 5 minutes you’ll ever have!

This is the most shocking 5 minutes you’ll ever have. Spend the time, and watch this short video, if you dare.

The above is a 5 minute excerpt from the below full version:

Sunburned extended trailer – (2 minutes) must watch

Watch this for a history of the pagan origins of christmas and easter

The short version (2 minutes) – must watch:

Full version:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Ezekiel’s prophecy and the lost sheep of the house of Israel

This video is about Ezekiel’s Prophecy and the lost sheep of the house of Israel.

Wow, this is such a good vid. Please make the time and watch this. The evidence of this is overwhelming!

A quick history of Purim

The significance of the Tabernacle – Rico Cortes

For those of you who do not know, Rico Cortes is considered an expert on the temple service, priesthood and sacrifices. Many believe that he knows more about these topics even than the Jews, since the Jews these days don’t really study these topics, since there is no Temple to serve in. Rico has an incredible understanding of these topics, and they are absolutely fascinating to study out. This short video clip explains the reason tabernacle, and also the two stone tablets, made by YHWH and given to Moses. In this video we learn why there were two tablets, what was written on them, and why they were to be stored in the ark of the covenant.


You Must Be Filled With the Holy Spirit! (from “Power of Prayer Pt 3”) – YouTube

Part 3 of power of prayer.

I See the Cloud (Highlights from “Power of Prayer, Part 2”) – Passion for Truth Ministries – YouTube

Part 2 or Power of prayer. Again, the full version is linked at the end of the video.

Chains Will Be Broken (excerpt from “Power of Prayer”) – Passion for Truth Ministries – YouTube

The more I listen to this man, the more I am starting to like him.

Part 1, from the Power of prayer. The two hour full version is as a link at the end of the video.

Passion For Truth Ministries – AWESOME sermon – must see!

I just watched this video by Passion for truth ministries. This is probably one of the best semons I’ve EVER heard. This is definitely worth the watch. Make time if you have to.


Hope you enjoy!


Hanukkah – In Those Days, at This Time

This is a story about the incredible history behind Hanukkah, the Jewish festival that Yeshua also attended in John 10:10. Also called the festival of lights, or the feast of dedication, this remarkable story can be read about in the two books of the Maccabees.


Paul Washer on Joel Osteen

Paul Washer – The Gospel – Must see!


Awesome song!

Cry no more, Yerushalayim

This makes me cry every time I see it. SO powerful.

Hope you enjoy it too!

The virgin birth exposed

Hi Everyone,

For those who asked me this weekend for the video about the virgin birth, this is it. It’s an INCREDIBLE video made by a Messianic Rabbi, showing the names of Yeshua, Miryam and Yosef (Yeshua’s mother and father) encoded in the old testament.